META to the Bone

Online training for META practitioners and other relevant professionals

– Are you ready to take your META skills to a whole new level?

This online-seminar provides you with:

  • skills and tools that will improve your results when working with clients with problems in their musculo-skeletal system
  • a deeper understanding of the META angle on pain in the bones, muscles or joints
  • abillities to treat both clients and yourself

A two day couse divided into seven webinars

The webinars are a combination of teaching and Q&A, therefore the seats are limited.

This enables everybody to get their questions answered.

During this training we will take a detailed look into the different parts of the musculoskeletal system (MSS)

You will learn:

  • Strategies on how to work with the MSS.
  • The difference between the layers of muscles and tissues in the MSS.
  • How to get a greater understanding of the MSS by integrating the “Five Elements” from “Traditional Chinese Medicine”
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Different ways to talk to your clients about why they are experiencing specific symptoms and what to do.

Mastering the above will empower you as a therapist and generate better results for your clients

Practical information

Where:  Online – at your place or whereever you are

When:  new date coming soon

Price:  £ 260,-

Your seat is secured when the fee is paid. The payment is final.

Prerequisites for participation: In order to participate in this special course, it is a prerequisite that you have at least started the education as META-Health practitioner (Level II).

Would You like for Lisbeth to come to your place and give a 2 day course on META to the Bone.
Please contact Lisbeth and we’ll make it happen.